Welcome to Primal Resurgence. This campaign is the continuation of Descent into Chaos, and takes place 131 years after the events of descent into chaos. After the four primordial gods had been put back into their proper roles by Mathilas the Worldwarden, with the help of Awilix and a mysterious creature, the world has largely lost all technology, as the laws of physics have changed slightly.

In what is now being called The Resurgence, the world it's self is beginning to brim with life and change. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and great storms are now common place. For the first 6- years of The Resurgence, it was rampant chaos, in which only the strong survived. All technology ceased to work in a matter of years, leading to total collapse of The Steamcult Church, and the utter destruction of Terashur and Zithrin. Both cities are now active volcanos, with their people having been displaced. In the following destruction and chaos many, many died. After the chaos began to wane, the world's population had split into clans. The only remaining factions are the clans, with the exception of the murloc race, which rule the majority of the oceans, having several cities.

This in general will be a good campaign, though evil characters with good intentions can be workable. However no evil tyrants please.

For the current cultures of the world, check the clans page. For current religions, check the gods and worship page.

In this campaign there are two new races that can be played. Yeti and Murloc. Check the wiki for details.

For creating characters, we start at level 2, only core rules, no 3rd party. All classes that use guns and technology are allowed, however there is no technology above early iron age.

For stats roll 4d6 dropping the lowest, rolled 7 times dropping the lowest.

Primal Resurgence

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