Murloc Race

Murlocs are a mostly Aquatic race that dwells in all oceans of the world. They used to be at worse a nusance to coastal villages, as their constant infighting between the small tribes kept them from ever growing to a significant threat. However, a band of heroes freed the murloc king from the slave lord Krasur, which lead to the unification of the murloc race. Now the murloc species as a whole worships Awilix and Suku, who are referred to as The Green Lady, and The Tracker respectively. Due to support from Awilix, the population has grown and advanced, bringing murlocs to a much higher standing than the aquatic savages they once were.

Having had a massive population that boomed after the start of the Resurgence, murlocs are the fastest growing civilization in the world. Having many small cities, including a capital city known as Gegthok, located in the warm seas south of the main continent.

Most murlocs are not seen as allies by most other of the humanoid races and factions, due to the large and quickly growing population, that many see at a threat. However some murlocs have started to integrate with other societies.

Stats: +2 to Dex, +2 to Wisdom, and a -2 to Int, and a -4 to Charisma.

Racial Type: Murlocs are considered Monstrous Humanoids with the Aquatic subtype.

Undersea Immunity: Murlocs are Immune Cold and Pressure damage.

Swim Speed: Murlocs have a Swim speed of 30

Small: Murlocs are Small, so they get a +1 size bonus to AC, Attack Rolls, and a -1 to CMD and CMB.

Speedy: Murlocs are speedy for their size, having a move speed of 30.

Aquatic Weakness: Murlocs take double damage from Electricity.

Deepborn: Murlocs have perfect vision under water, and poor vision on land during the day, taking a -5 to perception and -1 to ranged attacks during the day.

Darkvision: Dark Vision 60 feet.

Singular Worship: Divine Caster Murlocs can only have their power drawn from Awilix, as she is the only deity that they are aware of, and the only god that grants them power.

Murlocs have a Coldlight Variant. Coldlights are a subspecies from far deeper under the sea. Coldlights are often the spiritual leaders of the community, though they aren't the greatest of warriors.

Coldlight Murlocs get -4 Str, +2 Con, +4 Wisdom, -2 Charisma instead of normal murloc stats.

Ultimate Darkvision: Coldlights get darkvision 300 feet

Glow Glands: Coldlights have skin that can glow on command, making light equal to a torch.

Abyssborn: In addition to weakness to electricity, Coldlight Murlocs are vulnerable to light damage, taking double damage, and are vulnerable to light equal to or brighter than daylight.

Some Murlocs have alternate body traits.

Spine Shot: Some murlocs are born with extra sharp spikes on their back that they can shoot as an attack. A murloc can trade it's natural swim speed and darkvision, in return for a ranged secondary natural attack that does 1d8+half strength piercing damage at a range of 40 ft. Poisons can be applied to the spikes as if the murloc had poison use ability.

Strongjaw: Some Murlocs have more monsterous jaws than others. They can trade their speedy trait for a primary natural bite attack that does 1d6 + str. This reduces their base speed to 20.


Murloc Race

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