Yeti Race

From the harsh cold island of Girwithan, Yeti's are one of the hardiest races still living on Zias. With the rise of the Awilixian worship, yetis have found more opportunity to travel the world.

Yetis are the most bulky and strong of the wide spread humanoid races of Zias. Their culture is steeped in shamanism and deep wisdom, but they are somewhat brutish and clumsy. Their monstrous nature also makes their social dealings with other races more difficult.

Stats: +4 to strength, -4 to dex, +4 con, -2 Int, +2 Wis. -2 Charisma.

Racial Type: Yeti's are Giants with the Cold subtype.

Cold Weathered: Yeti's are Immune to Cold damage, and all cold and water based weather effects.

Fat Floatation: Yeti's float, gaining a +5 to swim.

Large: Yeti's are Large, getting a -1 to attack and AC, and a +1 to CMD and CMB.

Stampeding Stride: Yeti's have a move speed of 50. While charging, Yetis can move up to triple their base move speed.

Toughness: Yeti's are inherently tough. They gain toughness as a bonus feat.

Winter Blooded:Yeti's are extremely weak to fire, and are deathly afraid of it. They take a -2 to attacks, AC, and saves while within 50 ft of fire, and take triple fire damage.

Fae Resistance: Due to their fae heritage, Yeti's get DR 1/Cold Iron.

Mountain of Muscle: Yeti's weigh between 2500 lbs, and 3500 lbs.

Yeti Race

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